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This is Produkt

Since 2004, Produkt has been one of Montréal’s leading experiential marketing and lifestyle brand specializing in event production, strategic partnerships, and full service brand activations.

Produkt owns and operates New City Gas and Bal en Blanc Festival, alongside its flagship event festival brands Lumen, Karnavale, and Produktworld.

Event Production

Responsible for producing over 90 events per year across 4 properties, including 3 marquee festival brands, Produkt oversees the sale of more than 140,000 tickets per year.



We help businesses to connect with their audience through creative, impactful, and memorable experiences. We thrive on pushing the boundaries of experiential marketing, and meticulously craft each campaign to our partners’ needs.



Aside from securing industry leading partnerships with brands like LVMH, Tequila Patrón, and Cirque de Soleil, Produkt is recognized as being the first partner to bring world-renowned event series such as elrow and The Masquerade by Claptone to Canada.



Originally built in 1859, the New City Gas company used to transform coal into gas for lighting Montréal’s streets and buildings. Today, the heritage complex has been transformed into a multifunctional event space encompassing over 40,000 square feet on two floors. Flexible enough to adapt to client needs, the building can accommodate up to three different rooms, each possessing the combination of historic character and contemporary design.

The longest-running electronic festival in Canada (and one of the first of its kind in the world), Bal en Blanc has, for 25 years, become woven into the cultural fabric of Montreal. Celebrating more than 300,000 cumulative attendees, the festival has become a homecoming to those passionate about nightlife, electronic music, and Montréal culture.

The event, under Produkt’s stewardship, has evolved in recent years into an important cultural festival – deeply integrating elements of art, fashion, performance, and charity to pair with its consistently world-class technical production and top-tier dance music headliners.


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